21 September 2011

PDF Help Tools

One of the easiest documents for viewing is usually in PDF format. PDF simply stands for Portable Document Format. Here are some tools related to PDF which I usually use.

If you're using Microsoft Office Word 2007 or higher, you can convert you word document into PDF from MS Word itself. When you save your file in MS Word, simply click Save As or just click Save and a diolog box will appear. The first section is the file name and below that is the file type. Click the dorp down menu and you will see that you can save your file in many other format and one of it is in PDF form. If you do not have PDF shown, yI think you have to install a MS Word plugin to enable you to save in PDF.

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For this, I use the online converter available at http://www.pdfonline.com/pdf-to-word-converter/I haven't been able to find an offline converter that is not a free trial or a demo. So, I simply use the online converter.
*NOTE: This converter will only convert PDF nicely to Word doc if the original source was from a MS Word. If not, it will still be converted to MS Word, but it may not be as you expected. But it's worth a try though!

CutePDF is a free software you can download here. The use of this is simply to save paper or make your printing easier. For example, if you want to print a webpage, you can print it via CutePDF (which will actually save the document in PDF before you can print it). This will be much easier. Or, if you just want to save the document in PDF without printing it, you can also do that.

Well, happy trying and using the free stuff available for all of us! ENJOY AND HAVE A NICE DAY!

08 September 2011

Quote the Quote

Just so you know, I'm a person who likes quotes. To me, quote are short phrases or sentences that helps me think and reflect which may give a positive impact on me. There are negative quotes, but I stick to the positive ones. There are also funny quotes that makes me laugh. Well, after all laughter is the best medicine and research show that people who laugh at least once a day has a better health. Here's some user's on Twitter who tweet interesting quotes (from my perspective). I follow some and maybe you might want to follow too if you find it interesting.

05 September 2011

Best Timer for Symbian S60v3 & S60v5

After going all over the net to search for a timer that is compatible for my SE Vivaz, finally I found this!
This app has countdown timer and stopwatch! I didn't know Sony Ericsson Vivaz didn't come with those two components when it is one of the basic components for a phone!

So by the way, here's more information about this Timer app. Should be compatible with Symbian S60 3rd & 5th version.

03 September 2011

Pink Theme for Symbian S60v5

Hello my dear blog readers! If any of you are using a mobile with Symbian S60v5, here's a theme for your mobile. Colors maybe a little different with different phones. Hope you like this theme. Come back for more later!
Here's a screenshot of the theme!