21 April 2015

The Dentist @ USJ 9, Subang Jaya

It was about time for me to go for scaling after about a year from my last dental check up. As I was quite new to the Subang area, I asked my colleague if when knew and would recommend any good dentist around the corner. She took out a card from her purse and passed it to me. It happened to be a dentist which she visited the last time.

It's called "The Dentist". I thought the clinic name itself sounded cool. My colleague did mention that the dentist she met previously, Dr. Siti Marini was a good dentist and was quite gentle too. Visiting the dentist always scares me. So, I always look for those gentle dentists.

I called up the clinic to make an appointment at 8.30pm. However, the receptionist said that Dr. Siti Marini was not in for the day and Dr. Bala was available. I was a little afraid since this wasn't the dentist my colleague recommended. But I set the appointment anyway.

After dinner, I headed over to The Dentist located at USJ 9. I had to wait awhile but it was ok. The receptionist even asked if I wanted something to drink (eg: green tea). Well, I just had plain water while I waited at the waiting area. They were playing Mind Your Language on the tv, so I had quite a good laugh as I waited.

Just so you know, the waiting area is so nice - it literally looks like you're in a 4 star hotel lobby (not that big though but good setting). It was all so purple-ish and relaxing. Good vibes. It was quite cold though after some time, so, you might want to bring a jacket the next time you visit The Dentist.

Anyway, after I was called in, I met Dr. Bala. He was such a nice dentist and was very much patient and gentle too. I had my wisdom tooth, which wasn't causing much of a problem other than some slight pain I used to feel occasionally. He easily explained to me the condition of my teeth. My scaling was done so nicely at the slightest feel of pain!

If I ever had to go back for whatever reason, I would definitely go back to The Dentist (considering if I'm still staying around the area... LOL!). I believe Dr. Siti Marini would be as good as well. Apparently, as of this writing, they only have these two dentists. I would very much likely recommend The Dentist to whoever who needs to see the dentist. On a normal price, scaling & polishing would only cost RM120 (as of 21 April 2015). But there was a promotion, so I actually got it for RM80 =)

For more info, visit www.thedentist.com.my
Klinik Pergigian The Dentist @ QHC (above Bank Simpanan Nasional)
1st Floor, No. 6-2,
Jalan USJ 9/5R
47620 UEP Subang Jaya
Opens Monday - Sunday, 8.30am - 9.30pm
Tel: 03 - 8021 7747 / 03 - 8022 1748
Fax: 03 - 8022 1749