23 August 2013

IT'S YOUR TIME by Joel Osteen

As I was at my lowest, with a  lot of people not believing that I can make it big time in my business, my believe system in myself and in what I was doing become very vulnerable. I almost gave up on what I was doing although I have seen many people around me who have made it.

Then on a Friday afternoon, I picked up this one book which I have bought few months back but haven't started reading. Entitled "It's Your Time" by Joel Osteen, it changed my thought 101% immediately. The best part is that I started reading it at the exact time I should have and needed it.

The first chapter simply tells me to put my 100% trust in God and that God is in complete control of whatever's that's happening. He knows best. The challenges I am facing simply means I am closer to my victory but I just have to keep faith, keep believing, keep doing the right thing and stay strong. And God will keep His promise to those who expect His favor.

I am doing the right. just a little more of push and God will reward in His favor. I trust in God and in His master plan. Amen.

I encourage all of you out there, who are on the verge of giving up in what you are doing to take up this book and read it. Though you may feel like you've hit rock bottom, you are closer thank you think. If you have had a dream or desire to achieve something in life but your been trying to achieve it and it's taking a long time, stay in faith and trust God will give it to you. God did not simply put dreams and desires in your heart if He knows you can't achieve it.