13 May 2015

Pizza Hut's New Menu

So I went to Pizza Hut last night and was quite surprised to find that they actually had new menu (it's been awhile since I went to Pizza Hut).

I always liked Pizza Hut's baked rice. So, I decided to order that. Opened up the menu and found out that they have a new kind of baked rice.

Flaming Prawn Rice (RM 12.70) - Flavoured  rice in Arrabiatta sauce, topped with juicy prawns, crabsticks and mozzarella cheese. This is what I got:

Looked good with chili flakes. But guess what? Notice the oil on the spoon i scooped out? There was even more of it. Looking at that much of oil, I didn't feel like even eating it! The taste was so-so due to the oil.

I also ordered an appetizer. Mushroom Chicken Treasure (RM 4.90)- Crisp tortilla shells filled with chicken, mushrooms, onion, and tomato salsa!

Well, there were 3 pieces of it. I decided to eat one piece first before writing about it. This was really good! Forget the side salad because it wasn't fresh at all! But the tortilla was really good. Eat it immediately when served. Otherwise, you wouldn't feel the crisp. This was quite good. A good choice to snack on.