22 March 2014

Free Courses Online

There are many free online courses. Over the internet it is largely known as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). Some provide certificate and some don’t. But what’s interesting is, with MOOC you not only get to learn these courses blindly. It is structured with a proper syllabus offered by the institute that is providing it. Courses usually have a duration of 6 to 12 weeks.

Moreover, these free online courses can not only add up on your resume/CV in your field but in fact, it is an opportunity for you to grab as it can actually provide you with other skills outside whatever field you majored in college. Perhaps you could do a course while waiting to get into college or when you’re on the hunt for jobs. There are many universities and colleges who have partnered with MOOCs websites including Harvard University, MIT, Berklee College of Music, Yale University, Brown University and many other major institutes. The courses offered are non-credit courses.

Some of the major MOOC websites are as follows:

The Future of MOOC

In my opinion, MOOC might be something that almost everyone will do in the next few years especially in this digital world where every single thing seems to have its own place online. Taking a course in any of these MOOC websites might seem irrelevant to be shown on your CV now. People or employers might take it for granted, but in the future, this will probably be a trend as more people are competing for jobs. The more skills you have outside your field, (sometimes) the higher chance you can get employed.

Besides employment, people of many ages take these courses. For example, perhaps a person at the age of 50 wanted to do something new in his life, MOOC will be one of the best way to kill some time. MOOC will continue to expand and later on, perhaps these courses might be a transferable credit course to the respective institutes.


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