29 June 2011

It's The Dragon Blogger!

The Dragon Blogger is a technology and entertainment blog that covers a wide range of topics in both areas. From movie reviews to PC game reviews, articles on speeding up your PC and SEO tips for your own blog this is truly a blog that both informs and entertains its readers.

Is There A Good "Bad Blogger"?

The first thing that catches the eye of any visitor of “The Bad Blogger” is it’s cool and sleek design. Most of the time when a website is described as cool and sleek it means it is heavy on the design and short on useful content, not so in the case of “The Bad Blogger”. The writing style is clear, concise and leaves the reader enjoying their visit.

Engage The Blog!

Engage The Blog is a blog about content creation, management, distribution and measurement. Put simply, this blog is an excellent read for anyone who wants to improve the content they write whether it is for a blog, website, news site or even a book they are planning to write.

25 June 2011

Authopublisher - It's A "Hell, Yeah" Cool Website!

 Ivin Viljoen is the author of this self-publishing blog. You should probably read more about him in his "About" section because there's just so much about him there. He's not like all the other bloggers that I know. Did you know that he actually wanted to start a church before he started writing?

Find the Answers at Find All Answers!

Find All Answers (FAA) is a multi-niche blog authored by Jane Sheeba. This blog focuses mainly on blogging tips, relationships and self improvement.

When you enter her website, a dialog box shows. What does it have to offer? Well, by just filling up your name and email, you get 2 e-Books written by Jane Sheeba for free! The two books includes Problogging for Newbies (worth $24) and You Better Guide Time Management (worth $14). Once you fill in, you will receive these two books directly in your email for you to download. It's not spam nor does it have virus. I've tried it.

24 June 2011

FREE HostGator Web Hosting!

If you're looking for a webhost, HostGator is the place... If you think the current offer of $0.01/mo from HostGator is still not cheap enough for you, then continue to read this and get it for FREE at $0.00/mo!

23 June 2011

Share Your Mistakes and Excuses

We all have made mistakes in life. I believe we have! And with all those mistake we have made, there must have been some things that we could share with others so that others will not do the same mistakes we have done.

Quotes Of Charles

Quotes of Charles is a website with all the quotes from Charles. This website would particularly be a good source of quotes for those who like quotes.

Need A New Phone?

Are you planning to buy a new phone and you're confused?

21 June 2011

Make Money Online

Bloggers or rather in general, the whole community of internet users, mostly are finding for a way to successfully make money online. Author of Build.Rank.Profit Blog, Alex Whalley says that he make money online through niche sites and affiliate marketing.If you want to know how he does that, log on to this website at http://alexwhalley.com because this is where he rambles about it!


Flower lovers?
For your information, my favourite flower is rose! At eFlowerstips.com, they give you flower arranging and gardening tips. If you want to beautify your garden, why don't you take a peek at the website and looks for tips on taking care of your flowers or even tips for better arranging those lovely daisies!

All You Need Is Lists - Yes, You do!

Need fast information? Read on!

20 June 2011

The Blogger's Social Network

We have a lot of social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Hi-5, etc...
But what about the social network for bloggers? And what you have to say about it? Find out more here... And don't forget to Tweet, like it on Facebook and Blog Engage users, please Engage it!


07 June 2011

Using Google Search

Hi everyone!
I believe most of us use search engines every day (or maybe almost everyday) for query for certain subjects. Yes, it is easy to just go to Google.com and type in whatever you want to search for. But to get the specific , accurate and fast results, there's something that is easy for you to do.

01 June 2011

Blog or Facebook?

I read this from another blog quite awhile ago. The blogger said that Facebook has taken over the reason for people to blog. Well, I find it true for occasionally active bloggers like me. Think about it. When people feel happy, sad, frustrated, etc, where do they go??? FACEBOOK!