25 November 2011


This promotion will be running tomorrow, Cyber Monday – starting at 12:00 (Midnight) AM CST 11/28/11 and run until 11:59PM CST, 11/28/11.

We were the #1 trending topic on Black Friday last year. Affiliates made a lot of money last year on this single day alone! Lets make it another record day for HostGator and our affiliates as well!

We are offering:
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We will be changing our website to display the discounted rates and special promotion. Visitors do NOT need to insert a coupon code to receive the special. The correct coupon code will automatically be inserted on all orders placed on Black Friday.

The discount applies to the clients first invoice. Our VPS and dedicated server hosting services are only available on a monthly basis, therefore the promotion will apply to only the first month.
This promotion will bring our already competitive hosting packages as low as:
Shared hosting: As low as $4.95 Now only: $2.48/month (pre-paid)
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This is an incredible deal and it will only run for 1 DAY!

23 November 2011


Are you a designer, photographer or artist? If you are, you might want to check out this website which is specially designed for getting your artwork recognized, showcased or published! Open for all professionals and beginners.

Princess and her sisters are the admins of the forum and they are professionals and they have a lot to offer for their members!

Great contest with great prizes. Next contest to be announced soon! So, watch out for that!

Best part ---->IT'S A FREE SIGN UP! You might be asking, what's the catch? But there's not catch! The ladies are awesome and they are kind!

Most probably by now you're asking where's the free holiday gift part, right? Haha.. Chill... I'll talk about it.

Members' artwork will be featured, published and more great prizes will be offered when the publishing site is launched.  It will launch when PrincessPortraits Forum reaches 1000 members.

Now, here's how you can claim your holiday gift:

1) Sign-up at PrincessPortraits Forum (please sign up if and only if you are interested in art - we do not want inactive members on the forum - It's a FREE SIGN-UP)

2) Complete your profile on the forum. A profile picture is a must! (Do take time to read the rules of the forum)

3) Introduce yourself at the forum and state that you were referred by cyn90

4) Get around the board and comment on the artwork or any other post in the forum. You need to have at least a total of 10 post to qualify! (This is also the requirements for entering contests in the forum)

5) Then, go to http://www.princessportraitsforum.com/post5925.html and post your details for them to mail you your holiday gift! ONLY 20 NAMES NEEDED before 15th DECEMBER 2011!! So, what are you waiting for??? Who doesn't like free gifts????

So, sign-up for free and get your free gifts and much more to come!

The forum is awesome! Can't wait until the publishing site is launched and there will be even more awesomeness!!!


You may leave your comments here if you have problems signing up with the forum and also please leave a comment here when you have signed up with the forum.

07 November 2011


This website was introduced to me by my brother.... It's a game/trivia website where I think it would be great especially for students who are just relaxing without having much to think.. In this website, the trivia are just where you can spill out what you've learnt when you're not on your books... It sounds kinda fun to me... =)
But it's not limited to students though... Anyone can just play...

I've tried it... The website covers 15 categories:
Science fiction movies and TV
Fantasy movies and TV
Action and cult movies
Science fiction literature
Fantasy literature
Computer and video games
Board / card / role-playing games
Hardware and gadgets
Computer software
The internet
Math and numbers

And it COST YOU NOTHING to signup and play... That's always the interesting part!
Ready to chill??? Signup HERE... Relax.Chill.Play.