25 June 2011

Authopublisher - It's A "Hell, Yeah" Cool Website!

 Ivin Viljoen is the author of this self-publishing blog. You should probably read more about him in his "About" section because there's just so much about him there. He's not like all the other bloggers that I know. Did you know that he actually wanted to start a church before he started writing?

Ivin's website has how-to articles, topics on blogging, writing tips and even the WWE Series! What's the WWE Series? Those Raw or Smackdown fans obviously know WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. Ivin watches WWE but he does not write about who against who. By watching WWE, he actually really watches it, meaning to say that he finds what is behind all the wrestling which he can actually use in his article writing! To really understand this, try reading his article on Writing Tutorial: Creating Characters that's Larger than Life (WWE Inspired). I think this is really amazing! I've never found any other blogger that has been "WWE Inspired!"

Another awesomeness on this website is the Weekly Features. Check this out:
  • Motivational Monday
  • Tutorial for Twitter
  • Theme Thursday
  • Follow Friday
  • Facebook Friday
  • Self-Pub Saturday
Sounds good to your ears? Just observe how the letters start for each word! Great idea Ivin!
And the website also has a forum! Another cool idea from Ivin.

So, don't miss out all the great and more of the awesome features on AUTHOPUBLISHER. You won't know what the cool blog really has until you visit it!