24 April 2011

How To Refer / Link To A Website Using HTML coding

Let say you upload a picture to a picture sharing website and you get the html codes similar to the one below (I used Imageshack).

The site automatically generates the html code similar to the one below and all you have to do is just copy and paste the code to anywhere the accepts html coding. Let's say you have something like this:

Now, let's say you paste that code in you blog so that the picture appears in your blog. But now you want that picture to redirect to you online store when someone clicks on it.
So, what you need to do is to look for the href and edit that part. Let's say I want it to be redirected to my online store. (The one in blue is what you're supposed to edit.)

Compare the first and the second code... What differs the two is the URL/web address at the href section.
The href is where you want your image to redirect when someone clicks on it. So basically the general format is as below:

This html coding works on almost anywhere that accepts html. Keep that in mind and you're good to go =)
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