14 July 2011

The Asia Tour 2011: Malaysia vs Arsenal & Live Streaming

By now, most of the people would already know the score for last night football match between Malaysia and Arsenal. Arsenal won 4-0. I do not have any comments on the match...

I was just disappointed that Malaysia did not show the live on the local television. According to one of the blogspot which I randomly browsed last night just before the game, the source said that they will not even preview it on Astro.

Hence, just few minutes before kick-off, I started finding for online live streaming for the game. And I found this sports channel (I think), which previewed the game live. Thank God I finally got to watch the game with my dad!
I did get into the Arsenal website to watch the game but the streaming wouldn't load. Most probably due to high resolution or needs a stronger internet connection or maybe by the the Arsenal website was already crowded with their fans who also wanted to watch the match.

Anyway, this website that I was talking about, I don't really know from which country it was, but the commentary was in Arabic I guess. So, I just lowered the volume and watched the game. I mean, at least I got to watch the game somehow... So, here's the website. Maybe it will stream some other sports event later... http://www.livestream24.tv/en/soccerlive/2011_07_13/a9270ac6/0/malaysia-sl-allstars-arsenal-fc-livestream/
Videos will be available a few minutes before the game.

Back to the Asia Tour 2011, here's the next matches with Malaysia:

MALAYSIA vs LIVERPOOL: 16 July 2011 (maybe will be previewing live on Astro)
MALAYSIA vs CHELSEA: 21 July 2011


Lisa said...

It's nice to visit blog of my fellow Asians. I'm from the Philippines.

Great site.

Cyn P. said...

Cool! Thank you very much for visiting!
I do have a few blogger friends from the Philippines as well =)