17 July 2011

Increase Your Web Traffic!

Blog Engage RSS and Contest Sponsorship Services

If you're thinking of increasing you web traffic with real visitors and increase the visibility of your website, try the Blog Engage RSS Syndication!
Recently, I won 4th Place in the Blog Engage Guest Blogging for June and the prizes were 50 USD, Free Month Gold RSS and Contest Sponsorship Services.

I did not expect much hits until I checked my statistics on my hits. And guess what??? In less than one day, my hits were extremely increasing. Here's proof from two different statcounters for 17th July 2011 until 7.40pm.

With the Blog Engage RSS Syndication, your blog post is automatically syndicated to Blog Serp, Top Blogged, RSS Leak, Blogger Ink, Tag Serp and Blogger Tag. Not only that, your blog posts will also be automatically tweeted to all of Brian's (the founder of Blog Engage @bbrian017) 2500 (and counting) followers!

What else you get from the Blog Engage RSS Syndication??? More details here!
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See what Brian has to say about the RSS Syndication!

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