14 August 2011

Looking Alike?

Hello everyone!
Looks like I haven't blog for more than a week. I'm sorry to my readers if you have been expecting something from me...

Anyway, I came up with something this week.
People with almost the same faces! Have you watched a movie and then watched some other movies or TV series after that and suddenly realized that one of the actors looks the same as you've seen in the previous movie you watched? But when you checked the credits, it seems that they are not the same person but only with a similar look.

Here's the first two which I could think of. I know I've came across many but these two people are the ones in my mind right now.

Well, if you have any, leave a comment with their names and I'll find their pictures and update this post. Let's see if we can get 10.


S. Brown said...

Of course, when I am put on the spot I can't think of anything. However, I used to have that happen a lot cause I love to watch movies. I remember at one point A thought Natalie Portman sounded like Julia Roberts so I figured they were related. Well, they're not. Anyway, I can't think of any others. Thought provoking article! Sally