07 November 2011


This website was introduced to me by my brother.... It's a game/trivia website where I think it would be great especially for students who are just relaxing without having much to think.. In this website, the trivia are just where you can spill out what you've learnt when you're not on your books... It sounds kinda fun to me... =)
But it's not limited to students though... Anyone can just play...

I've tried it... The website covers 15 categories:
Science fiction movies and TV
Fantasy movies and TV
Action and cult movies
Science fiction literature
Fantasy literature
Computer and video games
Board / card / role-playing games
Hardware and gadgets
Computer software
The internet
Math and numbers

And it COST YOU NOTHING to signup and play... That's always the interesting part!
Ready to chill??? Signup HERE... Relax.Chill.Play.