08 December 2011

How Many Hours Should There Be In A Day?

24 hours a day may be enough or may be not enough for a person.  If a person complaints and say that 24 hours a day is not enough and it should be 25 hours a day, will 1 hour make a difference? Even if we have 30 or 40 hours a day, it may still not be enough for some of us.  It’s not about how many hours a day there should be, but how we should use, appreciate and manage our time in a day. 
Time is gold as they say.  Once wasted, it will not come back.  So, 24 hours a day is enough for everyone.  You just got to manage your time.  If you’re a student and busy with some other stuffs when you got a test the next day, you just have to find the time to study.  Never say there’s not enough time in a day.

Quote of the day:
When you’re focused, everything becomes simple. ~Cynthia Pinga~