04 February 2013

Water Filter

How sure are you that the water you are drinking is safe? I believe most homes do have water filters and it could be using either reverse osmosis (RO), ultrafiltration (UF) or even ultraviolet (UV). Most filtered water, regardless of whatever type of filtration can give you clean water. But which of these water filter is giving you water which is good for your health??

HomePure water filter gives you good, odorless water as well as produces Pi-water. Pi-water also known as "living water" is a type of water is naturally found in all living bodies including humans, animals and plants. "living water" gives you energy. For example, compare yourself soaking in a swimming pool and at a waterfall. You feel more refreshed and have more energy at a waterfall compared to a swimming pool. Yes, some of you may have said that you have the bouyant force in the swimming pool and everything but I'm a person who can't swim much. And still I feel more tired in a swimming pool compared to when I'm at a waterfall.

Why??? Simple. Waterfall provides natural water (living water) and water in the swimming pool is actually not living water. Living water provides energy and helps to reduce sicknesses. Now let's see what the HomePure water filter can do.


The best thing is that it has 7-STAGES of filtration!!!!! No electricity needed & low maintenance.
For a water filter to have 7 stages of filtration usually is not less than RM 5000. Now offered only for RM 2400!!!

Also available worldwide. If you have any questions, do post them in the comments section and for more information visit http://www.homepure.com

Or view the HomePure Slideshow presentation here.

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Amy Cray said...

Your website is so organized, and your posts are always common sense, congratulations for making the difference.

Thanks for sharing this :)