15 April 2013


The decision I took to join QNET one year ago has definitely changed my life. And I'm very happy that I took that decision to take control back of my life. The journey with QNET and my team have been an amazing one.

Recently, 5-7 April 2013, I attended a Leadership Camp organised by QNET and The V which was held in Best Western Prima Inland Sea Resort, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. That weekend was one of the best weekends I've ever had in my life. Being trained by V Managing Director, Pathman Senathirajah & his brother, VP Sathi Senathirajah simply blew my mind. Training was superb by those two millionaires who want to make us successful and financially free like them.
VP Sathi (left) & VMD Pathman (right)
Throughout that camp, I learned a few things which I would like to share over here.  Day 1, we actually had to do our dream board by cutting out pictures from magazines. What I learned is this. All of us have our own dreams. Big dreams. But along the way, when reality comes into the picture and we see that with a salary that can't afford to buy the Ferrari we dream of, our dreams simply fade away and we forget about it. Here in QNET, I can become a dreamer again. Regardless of your age, family background or even your financial status, it is always not wrong to dream big. Dream big and do actions which can help you achieve your dreams. Age is just a number. Whether you're 21 or 53 years old, it is always not too late to start dreaming again. You see, that is what I like about QNET. QNET makes me dream again and with QNET, I will be able to achieve things which I thought I could never achieve if I were to work in a 9 to 5 job. I shall always hold on to my dreams, fight for it and don't doubt my own capabilities. And I will achieve my dreams! 

Some of my dreams I had in my dream chart:

Married soon
Expensive watch for parents
International speaker to inspire &
motivate people
My music fans around the world when I have
my own world tour
Sponsor a child
New wardrobe collection
...to be continued....


Apollo said...

Dreams are meant to be realized and while plenty may think big, they do not follow their dreams.