06 February 2014

How to Create A Static Homepage on Blogger

I'm not from a computer science background, so, everytime I change my blog template and tweak here and there, play around with HTML and CSS, I always learn something new. Today, I'd like to share with you something I just learned.

Blogger does not have a built-in static homepage feature like how some other platforms have. However, it is not  impossible to create a static homepage on Blogger. So I did my research and found out, which to me is the simplest way to create a static page on Blogger.

So, find out how you can create a static homepage. Remember to disable the comments feature on your homepage (because you probably do not want any comments on your homepage, unless otherwise). To disable the comments, go to Pages and select Edit on your Homepage. (Click image to enlarge)

And you're good to go! Have fun!