05 March 2016


Hell, yes! The title says it all. And by this I don't mean that you purposely put your information online for everyone to see. Sometimes, you just have to, like on Jobstreet.com.

So, today... I found out something. Occasionally, I would simply Google my name to see where my name shows up on Google search. Usually, I would see in on a newspaper website (oh, yes, I've appeared on National newspaper before) or some other sites I know I should have.

But today, I was shocked to see my name appearing on an unfamiliar website. And I was shocked to see how it had everything. Like literally everything about me. My name, phone number, house address, national exam results, university results (proud of my results, but still these should be private & confidential!),  working experience and even my election district! All of these are private information that shouldn't be online. It maybe be possible that all my university qualifications can be found online (as I have them registered on Jobstreet.com) but it sure as hell not possible to get my election district online! My election district should only be known at the government office.

The website is known as Infowys.com. Apparently they have people & company databases in quite a number of countries and these databases are actually sold on their website!!! How creepy can this be when you think about it?? Literally your data or someone you know can have your data available online and worst still, impersonate you. The website does have a privacy policy saying that it's a data-aggregator website with bots running around all the world wide web to search and compile the data on their website but it think that is just to save their ass.

Anyway, I'll make a report to SKMM but in the mean time, I did manage to see who the website belongs to. That is if the registrant information is right.