Know The Author

Greetings! I'm Cyn P. from Malaysia. For some reason, I always find the "About Me" section as one of the most difficult section to write (on the web or even on paper). I have no idea why, but anyways, I'll list the things I love doing.

This is definitely on top of the list even though I do not have a formal degree in this. It's something I'm very much passionate about. I attended organ classes (relunctantly) at Yamaha Music School, Kangar at the age of 5 (I guess) and slowly picked up guitar by my own when I was in my primary school. I have participated in singing competitions and performed for various occasions. In 2011, I started writing my own lyrics and later took up some short courses online related to songwriting and the music business.

I usually prefer listening to pop, pop rock, and R&B. But sometimes I also enjoy alternative rock (like Linkin Park) and some oldies. It can be very random at times as to what I listen to. Westlife had always been my favourite band and I've been following them throughout their 14 years as a group.

I hate grammar but I love writing. Way back in my school days, a few of my friends and I would love English class only if it was time for writing class. LOL! I write in both Bahasa Melayu and English and have won competitions as well. I used to write fiction stories but as I grew up, I shifted my view to a more non-fiction side. Nevertheless, I had one fiction story published in 2006 by Flame of the Forest, besides my other writings online.

You may also find some of my crap writings which I probably wrote when I was lazy.. Hehe...


My dad bought a computer way back in 1999 and he taught me all the basic stuffs especially those formatting stuffs in Microsoft Office. Ever since, I kept up with Microsoft as they kept upgrading their products. I also learned a little bit of Java and HTML codings using NetBeans. And then I learned other HTML stuffs as I go along tweaking my blog and websites here and there as well as some video/audio software which I learned from my genius brother, Kevin.

I wish I could draw but trust me, other than wedding gowns, my drawing sucks. But for some reason, I had this artistic side of me especially when it comes to mixing and matching colours. It led me to learn Adobe Photoshop and I've been playing around with it to design mainly abstract graphics suitable for website headers, desktop wallpaper, Facebook covers and of the like. View my Portfolio.

So, basically that's about me. People who know me would probably know that I actually come from a science background. But I don't think science is something that runs in my blood. Well, I think that's all about me. Stay tuned!