• When you're focused, everything becomes easy. ~Cynthia Pinga, 2012~
  • When there's so many things to do, calm down and take things one at a time. ~Cynthia Pinga, 2012~ 
  • No matter what, the most important thing is my destination. As long as I can move on, I will. I just have to  move and move and move  until I am able to unblock the challenges and difficulties in front of me. As long as I move, unblock the challenges, I know I will succeed. ~Cynthia Pinga, 2013~ 
  • If you put yourself among the possibles, you will see a whole new world. But if you put yourself among the impossibles, you are just limiting yourself. ~Cynthia Pinga, 2013~ 
  • The ultimate way to success is to keep on dreaming and love what you do. ~Cynthia Pinga, 2014~
  • Why be normal when you can be special? ~Cynthia Pinga, 2014~
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