29 June 2011

It's The Dragon Blogger!

The Dragon Blogger is a technology and entertainment blog that covers a wide range of topics in both areas. From movie reviews to PC game reviews, articles on speeding up your PC and SEO tips for your own blog this is truly a blog that both informs and entertains its readers.
It is easy to see why “The Dragon Blog” has gained attention recently (over 10,000 followers on twitter) with its easy to read style of communication which is a sign of a good blog. 

A great post on Dragon Blogger is the Making Money post which shows readers a number of ways to monetize their blogs and websites. The popularity of this post can be seen in the large number of positive replies left by blog readers at the end of the post. With Google Adsense being one of the few ways most people are aware of monetizing their blogs and websites this post shows a wide range of other ways to make money from your blog.

Keeping up with technology has always been difficult and in the world of the internet there is only so much you can keep up with. Fortunately, DragonBlogger.com offers its readers the opportunity to keep up with the technology sector and any new developments. The DragonBlogger.com covers new developments in social media, new software’s being developed and new apps that being released. The website is versatile and covers a wide range of topics better as well as any blog you will view anywhere.

Visit www.DragonBlogger.com and learn some of the best tips for increasing your website traffic, revenue and conversions as well as some of the best reviews on movies, pc games and TV show reviews (to mention but a fraction of what you can find at the Dragon Blogger)


Dragonblogger said...

Thank you for the showcase and review, I have paid the price for testing and reporting on make money online programs as Google sent me an email they tested paid links on my homepage and were penalizing my pagerank. Now I am back to a PR0 but I was reviewing Intellilinks for readers so I could give an accurate review of the program.

sally brown said...

I love this site and always learn something new here.

Sandipan Mukherjee said...

It is indeed a great site. I have learnt a lot from this site. Thanks for sharing.