29 June 2011

Engage The Blog!

Engage The Blog is a blog about content creation, management, distribution and measurement. Put simply, this blog is an excellent read for anyone who wants to improve the content they write whether it is for a blog, website, news site or even a book they are planning to write.

One of the posts that every blogger should check out at the Engage Blog is “What the Top 10 Blogs in Content Marketing Are Doing That You Probably Aren’t”. The information from this post if nothing else makes this blog worth checking out. In this post and a number of other posts misconceptions about what make good content and what turns readers into subscribers is addressed.


The engage blog also answers the question “Why bother with content if you are selling goods?” You probably didn’t know that some of the top businesses online made over $2 million by generating leads from content. This shows how much potential there is in good content. 

With its simple but unique design it is easy to read as well as having an air of quality about the layout. The writing style of the blog is simple yet has an air of authority about it. With 18 contributors to the blog there is always a change of style meaning each reader will always have their favourites but the quality of writing is maintained as all contributors are highly qualified when it comes to talking about content creation and distribution.

My personal recommendation is that Engage The Blog should be a blog that is bookmarked by anyone involved in content creation. You will learn so much about content creation and promotion and best of all the information if free (you can’t beat free right). There is so much to learn when it comes content creation and even the best of us are always learning, visit the engage blog by going to http://Engage.tmgcustommedia.com