28 October 2011

What's Happening To Our Kids???

This is how life today has changed... This is how the world is today... Science, technology and ICT have  advanced to make life much easier but at the same time  has its bad effects... People text, wish you good luck or send birthday wishes via text messaging, Facebook, wedding announcement via Twitter and all that mobile apps you have.... Well, in a way, it is good since that is much easier to reach people even all over the world but the "feel" of really meeting someone in person or talking over the phone is no more there. See, technology has its good and bad side. For business people wanting to expand their business over the horizon, these technologies and social networking are important to them.. But have we stopped to think about how it is affecting our kids...?? May be some of this picture will let you pause and think for awhile. Do leave a comment on how you feel about this issue.