03 February 2012

My Top 10: Best Couples on TV

I have just been watching a lot of series and I simply love the couples on TV, although sometimes things in the movies/TV Series aren't easy as it is in real life.  I simply love the love these couples show for each other and always being there for each other in bad times and good times. So, here I've created a list of my top 10 favorite TV couples!

1) CHARAH: Chuck & Sarah (my current favorite couple!) - CHUCK

2) NALEY: Nathan & Hallie - ONE TREE HILL

3) LEYTON: Lucas & Peyton - ONE TREE HILL

4) Clark & Lois (but sometimes I like Clark & Lana at the earlier seasons) - SMALLVILLE

5) CHLOVER: Green Arrow/Oliver & Chloe - SMALLVILLE


7) Leo & Piper - CHARMED

8) Joey & Pacey - DAWSON'S CREEK

9) JOMMY: Tommy & Jude - INSTANT STAR

10) Lorelai & Luke - GILMORE GIRLS

*DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of this pictures. All credits go to its original owners.