21 February 2012

PELTAC 2012 Experience

I’d say that I learned a lot from PELTAC…. The bonding between our department mates and between departments got stronger…. One of the person I got to know better is Jewel…. Man, she is a jewel and she rocks… Oh, hell yeah!

Being in my final year, in fact my final semester, it  has been a very good experience to me to join PELTAC as Organizing Committee (OC) expecially thinking of the 80 lives that we gave impact on for the betterment of their future…  On the way,  I learned that, no department can work without another department…  and a department can’t really be strong if none of us gives enough cooperation.  I don’t know about other departments but I’m happy that the Prog. Dept. members were very good with each other and there were no problems between each of our members.  PELTAC 2012 was awesome and I will alwaz remember you guys….  The experience I gained along the way for the past 1 year plus is priceless and I know I can’t get it anywhere else…  I’m happy to have met you guys and I hope that PELTAC will become bigger and bigger to change more lives.

Yes, it was tiring especially during preparation week and during PELTAC but I’m happy that it all went well…  I feel the satisfaction after everything we’ve been through…  I pray and hope PELTAC 2013 will be better than this and more people will see how PELTAC can change lives.  All in all, it was a great experience…  On behalf of Programme Dept., I thank Praba for your assistance towards the Programme Department…. We would definitely be lost without your guidance… You’re a good leader and a great friend!  Thank you!

See what one of our participants had to say about PELTAC 2012:  Ellen Joelynn

For hose who joined PELTAC 2012, congratulations!
For those who missed PELTAC 2012, wait for the next camp!  Coming soon...


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