18 April 2014

Holy Thursday - Adoration Prayer

Adoration is a moment of silence to experience and be with God.

As of Holy Thursday this year, 17 March 2014, I was sitting in silence during adoration and a silent prayer spontaneously was said somewhere in my heart. I felt like it was a really good prayer and so, I thought that I might share it with the world. It was in Malay but it'll try my best to translate it to the English version.

Malay (original prayer):
Ya Tuhan, aku hambaMu yang sungguh berdosa. Kasihanilah aku dan bawalah aku mengikut jalan suciMu agar perjalanan suciku itu akan menempatkanku di dalam kerajaanMu di syurga.

English translation:
Oh, my God, I am your sinful servant. Have mercy on me and bring me to follow Your path of holiness so that by following Your holiness I will have a place in Your kingdom in heaven.

I think it's a great prayer and you can say it anytime, anywhere.
God bless you.