09 February 2015

How I Discovered Pulse Soundworks

I totally remember how I discovered Pulse Soundworks.

The moment I got a job in Subang, I gave myself a little time to settle down and on one hot, sunny Saturday afternoon in September 2014, I remember how I was looking for a recording studio in SS15 and at the same time discovering the new place. I walked almost the entire SS15, searching for a recording studio which my friend recommended – just to find out it closed down.

To not disappoint myself, I thought to myself, “You know what, let’s see if any of the music stores here could suggest any good recording studios nearby.” I did just that, walking almost from one end to another in SS15. And I had some people suggesting to me another 2 more recording studios in SS15, of which I found out to be closed down as well. One of the recording studio (somewhere opposite INTI College) looked empty even though the sign board was still there. Totally forgot the name of the studio but there was a contact number. So, I called the number to ask and the guy said they are temporarily closed down due to “kompressor kena curi” (translation: compressor was stolen). Not sure if it’s up and running now.

So, I kinda almost gave up at this time. Seriously, it was freaking hot that day. But I still gave it a shot to visit some of the last music stores before leaving. And there I was, in one of the guitar stores (forgot the name – forgive me, my memory can be bad at times), and I just asked. Arnold was his name and he suggested, “There’s one in SS18, you can call the guy. He’s good.” So, I took the number, thanked him and later called the “guy”. Madan was his name.

I left SS15 right after that. I was tired. Though I only had one contact in 2 hours, I trusted Arnold’s words, “he’s good.” I called Madan and made an appointment that very night. Upon entering Pulse Soundworks studio that night, it was kinda creepy – a scribbled looking door, no sign board that it was actually Pulse Soundworks (until I entered the recording room). I was like, “Really? A recording studio?” Less did I know that Pulse Soundworks had big realistic dreams in the music industry.

But after meeting and talking to Madan in his studio, there was a very positive energy. I could just feel it. (Or was it the couch I was sitting on? The couch is to die for!!! It’s freaking comfy!) Madan was nice. He knew his stuff. And everything else, began from there. After about 2 weeks, we came to an agreement and things just fell into place until the final masterpiece of Me and My Guitar was produced.

Music Download:
Amazon: http://amzn.to/16jJ3IM (not available in Malaysia for download)
Google Play: http://bit.ly/1zdch6B (not available in Malaysia for download)

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