01 June 2011

Blog or Facebook?

I read this from another blog quite awhile ago. The blogger said that Facebook has taken over the reason for people to blog. Well, I find it true for occasionally active bloggers like me. Think about it. When people feel happy, sad, frustrated, etc, where do they go??? FACEBOOK!
And they update their status for the whole world to see... Like "I'm eating a bun right now", "I'm so scared my exam results are coming out tomorrow," "I'm turning 21 soon" or "Syok gilerrrr makan Maggi tadi." Duhh!

Yeah, and that's it... And most of the time, there will be one or two or more people commenting on your status. Hmmm... So, here's actually what I want to say. All you can do on Facebook is write one or two lines about what you feel and that's it. Well, of course you can write two or three paragraphs since there are no word limit like Twitter, but who's gonna read your "essay" in FB? So, you see, Facebook is great. I'm not saying it's not. In fact, it is sometimes easier to go straight to the point and say what you want to say. But the thing is, Facebookers/users are don't really get to express deeply how they actually feel about something. That's what FB can't do but blogging can! You can blog on a topic as much as you want and some people just can't stop writing once they start talking on a topic (Just like what I'm doing right now! I didn't know what to blog in the beginning but now look how long it is!)

Well, yes, it’s true, it’s easier to update your status and tell people how you feel through FB via the web or on your mobile when you’re on the go and it’s not that easy to blog via your mobile. And who the hell is going to blog and just say "I'm eating a bun right now", "I'm so scared my exam results are coming out tomorrow," "I'm turning 21 soon" or "Syok gilerrrr makan Maggi tadi." Writing that on your blog will simply help to drive readers away from your blog.
(At this point right here, I dunno what my point actually is)
In short, all I can say is FB is easy for you to tell the whole world what are you doing, where are you, what you’re eating and whatsoever but I don’t think it can replace the real reason for blogging where people can really express themselves. =)
For Facebookers/internet users, just remember this: Do not always tell the world where you are or reveal too much personal details about yourself and your family. Doing so, will simply lead some nasty people or stalkers out there to find you, kidnap you, etc. So, please, be careful people!
Have a nice day!


Jenny said...

I'm both a blogger and a facebook user. I'd rather blog. Facebook annoys me, and no one ever comments on my status updates anyway so for me it's basically useless.

Cyn P. said...

Then it's good for you to be a blogger. As for me, most of my friends are Facebookers rather than bloggers.. So, I do get frequently comments on my status updates.
But blogging is quite fun too =)
I'm quite new to this whole blogging thing though...