29 June 2011

Is There A Good "Bad Blogger"?

The first thing that catches the eye of any visitor of “The Bad Blogger” is it’s cool and sleek design. Most of the time when a website is described as cool and sleek it means it is heavy on the design and short on useful content, not so in the case of “The Bad Blogger”. The writing style is clear, concise and leaves the reader enjoying their visit.
The Bad Blogger has the sub-headline “Where Money and Sex Are Concerned” and with once sentence sums up what the blog is about. While it may come across as a blog for the lads (which it is to some degree) there is so much more to the Bad Blogger. A number of the posts on this blog are actually directed in helping bloggers create content and expose their blog with the right king of marketing methods.

One of the best features is the free e-books “Scam Sales Pages Uncensored” which you can download from the website for free. With information overload becoming more of a problem online, scammers are able to hide amongst the vast amounts of websites online. This book is useful to all who surf the world web regularly.
If you are just looking to be entertained then the personal ramblings section  has more than enough stuff to keep you entertained and informed on a wide range of subjects. Along with the “sexy girls” section most guys will be entertained for sure.

Overall “The Bad Blogger” is a great blog for all those who make a living online or hope to do some day. It also has a wide range of sexy ladies to look at while you learn so is the dream website for many guys out there. You can view The Bad Blogger at http://www.TheBadBlogger.com/


Salman said...

Great Review ...
Truly said ... the eye catching design of the bad blogger amazes the reader !! Wong is running a pretty awesome blog

Naser @ Tech Blog said...

Wong's posts are great. It has a great meaning with great design.

Travelehome said...

i really like the Logo they used for their blog. The tagline of the blog "where the money and sex are concerned" --- really eye catchy. I personally like the blog. Thanks for sharing the review. Keep it up. Best Wishes Team Vacation Rentals