23 June 2011

Quotes Of Charles

Quotes of Charles is a website with all the quotes from Charles. This website would particularly be a good source of quotes for those who like quotes.

Quotes of Charles is a pretty simple website with not much information other than the previous quotes written by Charles himself which are not published anywhere. The blog may seem anonymous with no mentions of who Charles is. However, with a personal chat with Charles via email, I got to know a bit more about Charles which I can share with you now.

Who Is Charles?

Charles is a 22 year old guy who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. He started this blog because he thinks quite a bit (sometimes to his own detriment) and he just wanted to jot down all his thoughts on the internet for people to read. When he noticed that people started taking an interest in what he was writing, he figured that writing all his thoughts in a quote format would be better, since he like to read quotes myself. Charles says that these quotes keep him grounded. Isn't this so nice of Charles to actually share his thoughts with the world?

I often seek for quotes myself as these usually reminds us of something or lift up my spirit to do something. One of my favorite quotes from Quotes of Charles is "Considering "self-confidence" begins with "self", why would you ever look to another to give it to you?"
Have you ever thought of this? If you haven't, then think about it. Do visit the website for more!

And to the readers of Quotes of Charles, here's what Charles has to say to you:
"Thanks for reading!"


Anonymous said...

Cyn P,

Thank you for reviewing and visiting my site. I'm glad you found a quote you like.

I had more information on the site, but I decided to make it simpler.

I do write all the quotes myself, none of them copied from other sources.

Let me know how I can return the favor. Thank you, again.

Charles P.