07 June 2011

Using Google Search

Hi everyone!
I believe most of us use search engines every day (or maybe almost everyday) for query for certain subjects. Yes, it is easy to just go to Google.com and type in whatever you want to search for. But to get the specific , accurate and fast results, there's something that is easy for you to do.

Today, I'd like to show you all how to customize your Google search so that you can get the best results for your search.
Here's a manual that I've made for all of you. You can FREELY download this.
Just click the download button and you'll get yourself a completely free copy of the manual.

Enjoy people!


Ivin said...

Thank you so much for the manual. I really appreciate it!

Cyn P. said...

Sure.. Hope you find it useful for you!

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing the downloadable manual. I'm excited to read it.

Cyn P. said...

You're most welcome!
Well, check out my latest blog post to increase visitors to your blog....

P/S: It would be great if you leave your email when you post comments on this blog. It will be easier for me to contact you from time to time. Thanks! =)

black_dragon said...

I’ll probably be back again to read more. Thanks for sharing this with us. Kudos!